New record! SUPCON SOLAR released the latest operation data of Delingha 50MW CSP plant
Release date:2020-03-04

The monthly power generation of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant was 17.1795GWh in Feb.2020 (from Jan 26 to Feb 25), with fulfillment rate at 102.9%. Both figures saw new high since the plant was put into operation.

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant

Under the TMY condition, the annual DNI in Delingha is 2043kWh/㎡, monthly average 170.3 kWh/㎡, and the designed annual power generation of the plant is 146GWh, monthly average of 12.167GWh. According to previous meteorological data, the weather condition is very tough and unpredictable in Feb, with frequent frost, snow and sandstorms. However, it turned out to be a quite nice February in Delingha this year, and the actual monthly DNI is 221.15kWh/㎡ in Feb, which is 29.9% more than that under TMY condition. 

Based on the performance model, the theoretical generation is 16.6953GWh, but the actual generation reached 17.1795GWh in Feb, 41.2% more than the average monthly generation, achieving 102.9% of the expected generation. Both the actual generation and the fulfillment rate set the highest bench mark of the plant since COD.

The operation record shows that the plant was in operation for 29 days in the past 31 days, from Jan 26 to Feb 25 (non-operation for 2 days due to heavy clouds), during which 23 days' single-day fulfillment rate exceeded 100%. From Feb 1st to Feb 13th, the plant has operated continuously for 292.8 hours and generated 8.39GWh, with the average fulfillment rate at 105.2%, which refreshed respective record of Dec.2019.

Figure 1: continuous operation record of the plant from Feb 1st to 13th

Table 1: the operation data of the plant from Oct.2019 to Feb.2020

The performance test kicked off in Oct. 2019. Table 1 shows that the cumulative electricity generation was 61.8562GWh, and 55.4519GWh has been delivered to the grid. The last five months saw rapid growth of fulfillment rate, the first two months of 2020, in particular, exceeded 100%. The average achieving rate reached 96.41%, which surpassed the performance of its peers at same stage once again.

Figure 2: Monthly achieving rate in performance test period